His blistered feet they drag the ground as he walks down hopeless lane
His mind is bent, his soul is gone, he don't care about the rain
His clothes are torn and tattered, and he don't realize
The wind sweeps down the alley and tears up his cold grey eyes
He's walkin down the same road as he walked a day ago
He'll wake up on a stoop somewhere to curse that awful road
There was a time in another life when he'd have the sense to try
But he sold his soul so long ago ago, he don't see the reason why

It was over before it started with his back against the wall
My dearly departed, you're number has been called

Everyone's the bad guy, and everyone's to blame
Nothin happens easily 'cause everything's a game
We've been makin' deals with the other side of hell
You reap just what you sow, and then you stand all by yourself


Consume, Consume it's the name of the tune
You've been wise but naughty now go to your room
Cover your ears and keep your mouth shut
Drink to your fill from the ignorance cup
Step Right Up and fill your cup

Eat up, get fat, buy that shit you don't need
Mindless consumption- the American dream
What's that, poor boy? No money, you say?
Put it on credit, have the Devil to pay.
Step right up and fill your cup

If your bad decisions leave you stranded on the streets
You can always suckle from Uncle Sam's teet
He'll give you a paycheck for those children that you beat
That and a payday load should get you back on your feet
Step right up and fill your cup

Promised Land

Way down in the southland there's a river I have seen
She flows right through the woods down there and floats into my dreams
Her banks are soft and sandy and the air it smells so sweet
Down where the Withlacooche and the old Suwannee meet

She likes it when you sing to her in the middle of the night
She looks even better dancin in the campfire light
She winds on through the basin tuckin in and out of sight
A more beautiful scene I doubt you've seen in all your life

Give me an ear, give me a hand. Give me a ticket to the promised land
Tell me a joke, bum me a smoke. You can't fix this kind of broke
I wanna live and I wanna die under the cover of a southern sky
Tucked among live oaks and pines, pushin up sweet watermelon vines

She runs right through the county where my dear old Grandma lives
In a house my Grandpa built for her in the middle of the sticks
Where me and my 3 brothers many a sweaty summer spent
With canepoles in our hands down to her sandy banks we went

At Least It Fits You

They tell me there's a place called heaven I can get to someday if I really try
With streets of gold and gates of pearls it sounds a lot like down here and I ask them why
They tell me there's a place called hell I wanna stay away from, but I've been there twice
It lies somewhere along the Kansas-Oklahoma border under 2 feet of snow in the middle of the night.

They tell me my sign indicates a bright and shiny future when the planets align
And puppetmasters are the stars with strings that hang down to us-make us dance and cry.
But I know stars they look much different in the city than on dusty country roads
And you can tell me where I've been by lines on my hands, but you can't tell me where I will go.

If it works for you, it works for you
Call it what you will, but don't call it truth
You slip it 'round the back and you sneak it on through
It won't work for them, but at least it fits you

They tell me university's the door that I should walk through-just turn that knob
And trade your dreams and aspirations for the comforts of a well paying job
But I have peeped through many door before and I can tell you it's the same on both sides
It'll chew you up and spit you out despite your alma mater, so let your fear of failure subside

Tower Hill

Gallantly they ride from the dusk into the plains
With nothin but their grievances, their weapons, and their names.
They ain'y fightin for no flag, they ain't fightin for no creed,
They're fightin for their basic right to meet their family's need.
It's been too damn long hungry and it's been too long opressed,
It's been too long livin underneath that icy thumb of death.
Call it valor, call it martyrdom. You can call it what you will
They call it the day they took their souls back on Tower Hill

Freedom comes from many forms, from liberty a son is born
Who Tyranny his limbs will never bind.
Generations quickly seem to take for granted being free
And in turn opress their own kind.

Sun up on the battlefield leaves bodies everywhere
With that iron smell of blood still a'hangin in the air
The mood is mixed amongst them as they're sortin out their dead
What's the worth of liberty when weighed against bloodshed
The fightin now is done and victory's been won
And the tide of power turns to the revolutions sons
But a century of safety, complacency sets in
Forgotten their own kind and now the cycle it starts again

Trying Times

Listen to me children, 'cause it's written everywhere
It's carved into the mountains and it's floatin in the air
It's the right of man to earn a living with his two hands
To feed his family and pay his rent.

Tax cuts for the wealthy and handouts to the poor
Keep us quiet on the killin floor
We'd like to reap some benefits from this change of which you speak
What good is hope when you've got nothing to eat

I ain't lookin for a handout, I'm lookin for a job
In these tryin times you'll find a prideful man will borrow, honest men rob
It's sympathy the hand that leads that noose around our neck
You can't gain no work experience from cashin unemployment checks
I ain't lookin for a handout, I'm lookin for a job

Trillion dollar wars fight the clutches of fear.
But that's so far away, and I've found plenty here
There's people who are wonderin ewhere their next meal will come from
I call them victims and you call them bums

There's empty houses everywhere, but families on the street
With their hands out on the corner of where hell and highwater meet
You can always make a buck fighting their dirty wars-
A nation of proud individuals to a country of desparate whores

A Panegyric On Power and Darkness

Some souls were meant for darkness, and some souls were meant for light.
Some souls were meant to wander through an eternity to night.
Some were meant for comfort, and some were meant for pain.
Some would use their dying breath to call His name in vain.
But you got everything with the devil on your side.

There ain't no heaven glory bright; no hell where sinners roast
Here and now's your day of torment; here and now's you day of joy
Here's your opportunity so choose ye this day
I am mine own redeemer to thine own self you must say
That you got everything with the devil on your side

So take that dirty soul of yours and lay it on the tracks
If you're lucky he'll accept it, and he'll never bring it back
Purge yourself of self-deceit and cast out all your lies
Without darkness there can be no light-
you got the devil on your side.

Throughout the ages he's been called by many names
From Stanislaus to Arkansas he's answered just the same
If'n you mean business and you ain't playin games
He'll keep his word and you'll be rectified
You got the devil on your side

Some souls were meant for justice and some souls were meant for peace
Camped in the souls of the righteous is the angel of self-deceit 
Cast off all old ways of thought. Don't be afraid of your redactions
The meek inherit nothing but the guilt of their inaction
You got the devil on your side.

Take up now your weapons Azazel and Abaddon
A call to arms to action rise up Balaam and Mammom
But you got everything with the Devil on your side


Well I've tried and tried to please you
I've tried to be the paragon of man
I've worked my fingers to the bones for you
But you don't give a damn
I've watched the world fly by me 
Sittin in my own backseat
I've put my best foot forward
And got caught out in the street

So if you've got a defense in your favor
Tell me before I go
Because come around the spring, it won't mean a thing
So you better let me know.

I'm tired of sittin round waitin
For you to change your ways
I'm over all your lyin and I'm sick and tired of tryin'
I'm tired of wastin days


30,000 yankees prisoner on southern soil.
In a stockade made of squalor, union cattle of confederate spoils
But Captain Henry Wirz stood alone upon a hill
And though his legend live on still, he's called the Demon of Andersonville

Grant thought he was slick when he called the troop trades off.
So we packed twenty on to 10 and made conditions even worse.
But Grant and Lincoln both ignored the pleas of their own men
From bogs of filth so who's to blame for yankees killed in Andersonville

Don't drink the water, 95 died last week.
You can't cross no deadline wearing the captains jewelery
They huddled from marauders and they prayed there'd come a day
When no more union soldiers are packed away and killed in Andersonville

August 23, 1864
Gangrene and scurvy started takin thousands more
Just a week later when Atlanta fell to Blue
It left the Union army wonderin what to do with Andersonville

One year later, the scaffolding stood high
For the only rebel officer convicted and condemned to die
They offered him a plea. He knew that he'd do no such thing
And that he'd hang for orders followed and men killed in Andersonville

At 10AM the gallows touched the bottom of his shoes.
A crowd of union soldiers climber the trees to get a better view
And though the motion was fulfilled, Wirz's neck did not break still
And as he Writhed with his last breath upon the hill
Union soldiers asked him, "Wirz, do you remmeber Andersonville?"


I might be the guy that gave his paycheck to the hungry
I might be the one that stole your credit card and all your money
I might be the guy helpin old ladies cross the street 
I might be the one that broke into your SUV last week.

You don't know me from the killer on the street...
Smile on my face as I revel in Anonymity

I might be the guy that stabbed his best friend in the back
I might have some bodies decomposing underneath my shack
You don't know what drugs are runnin round in this here brain
Your sad eyes can't tell the difference between ecstacy and pain

I might be the creepy guy thawrites on bathroom stalls
I might be the guy that nightly has to scrub those goddamn walls
And the evil eye that hides behind the art of conversation
Might be the guy in suit and tie that's lyin to the nation

I might be the hustler picked your daughter up last night
I might be the guy that's causin all those problems with your wife
I might be the preacherman that's savin all your sins
I might be the devil hidin in the eyes of all your friends

Shit People

I go out for a cup of coffee, and I end up drinkin a beer
The waitress says to me, "You're in no condition for caffiene, 
And them 12 steps don't apply around here.
She fills up my beer as I pour out my fears
She says it'll be alright, but is anything alright?

Joe goes out for Sunday service, and he ends up buying a girl.
She tells him that he's the only one he needs to worship
And lay your head down right about here.
But at least she's real. Tells Joe how he feels
She says it'll be alright-Is anything alright?

And I think we're all shit people
We're all rotten inside
I think we're all shit people
We're all dyin inside.

Mamas Lil' Baby

Pick your head up and dry your eyes
Circus in town and the cons arrive
Check your bags you gotta come inside
It's a duct tape, showcase, drive-by

Big top pointin up at the moon
Wolfman don't ya howl too soon
Comstant danger always looms
In the inner workings of the oval room

Don't believe everything you see,
Nothin in this world is free

Mama lil baby gonna be ok
Gets what she wants, she gets it right away
mama lil baby gonna be ok
She got no more bills to pay

Creepy ringmaster with the crooked smile
tells the crowd theyre gonna have to turn their heads for a while
wrings his hands like a little child
Schemes in his head never been more vile

Way To Kansas

When I was young my Daddy told me something
For which I'll eternally thank him.
He said, "Son, don't ya worry to much where you're goin,
but always remember where you've been."
He said, "Everybody in this world thinks they've got it figured out-
They all got advice to give."
"Dont't pass it up for a moment, son-
but always be wary who it is."

If you don't know the way to Kansas,
Follow me 'cause I'm goin there
If you're lost on your way to that littlew land of ours
Follow me 'cause I'm goimn there

Knowlege plus experience equals wisdom,
And a little of that goes a whole long way.
Excuse don't mean nothin where I come from, son
Just that you ain't learned from your mistakes

13 Riders

I've been drinkin, I've been smokin
I've been thinkin bout where I been goin
Water's risin up, it's comin through the floorboard now
I don't know how long I can sit and hold it out.
Windows broken, chimney pokin,
Boats are rowin-I know where I'm goin
If you need me, come and save me.
If you want me.....

I saw 13 Riders headed down an old dirt road
White robes and White horses
It was clear where they were goin.
Down to that old river for to save their troubled souls
But on return their faces burned 
With the prescence of the Lord. 

Frequently fixated on everything that's come and gone
These lustrous failed reflections and their counterparts that carry on
Wind, shake, break your neck I'll take the rest
Charity's out in the cold...with her father
Snowscape innocence, I'll captivate intelligence
The stage is set for your complicated arrogance
The sun won't wait for the shadows to fall
And the tide will break for once and for all
Deep bottle; break the barrier. 
I'll follow transposing my character
Ambient wavelength versus the freight train
I'll take the first chance to change all our surnames.

Got Some Walkin' To Do

Standin' at the corner of two dead end streets
Wonderin which one be kindest to my achin feet.
Got the North, South, East and the West
Which one's gonna prove the best?
If I choose one, gonna miss out on all the rest.

Kansas grain gently sways, flirtin with the sun all day
It's happy in one place, why couldn't I do the same 
'Cause I gotta move my feet. They're always reminding me
That there's so much left in the world that my eyes gotta see 

Every road's gotta lead somebody somewhere
I don't know where quite yet, but when I get there, I'll see too.
They said boy you gotta do some choosing sometime, somewhere
Whatever you choose, you got some walkin to do.


I'll tell y'all a story, most of it is true
Bout a crazy, framin' truckdriver who damn sure paid his due
We called him Drunkle Larry and he couldn't get enough
He stood 'bout Five-Foot-Nine if you could ever stand him up
Tattoos on his arms and four fingers on his hand
If you played it loud and fast enough, he's damn sure sure to dance
He found him a companion in this little hound dog, Buck
Mean as he was big they'll tell you "You don't fuck with Buck"

Oh, Drunkle Larry drives
18 wheels through a cold Montana night
Oh, he drives and he drives
18 wheels through a cold Montana night

Get all the ingredients from the store and round 'em up
Fire up the lab it's in the trunk let's cook it up
Police at the door and they're runnin' through the woods
Little Kenny and Junior ran though I doubt they understood
Up before the sun, copffee and PBR to start
Made a damn good drinkin partner, played a bloody game of darts
Did his time in Lansing, El Dorado held him too
If what don't kill you makes you stronger, then he'll be a monster when he's through

Old White House

I've grown so tired 
Of these same pathetic faces everyday
I've slipped into a routine and my world's 
Gone from green to cold gunmetal grey
Half smiles and empty words 
Fill every room of this sad old white house
There's 12 people at the door waitin to get in,
But all I want is to get out

This sky looks like
It was painted by a lonely artist's eye
Who's respect for the colors of the 
Rainbow have all long come to subside
When I'm alone still I talk
I'm studyin the lines on this sidewalk
I'm steppin on the cracks hopin' for
Something. Bad luck's better than what I got.

I'll be right here
Waitin by the phone for your next call
Don't think that you're botherin me
Babe, I got nothin' to do at all
You don't call, but that's OK
these same pathetic faces everyday
I got a little tired of you
I cherish my solitude anyway

Stop Believin'

Stop believin' you were put here for a reason
Stop believin' that you're real just because you're breathin
What's free will without good meanin'
It's like the changin' of the seasons
Stop believin' the physical is your only reality
Chocked up waste time with your individuality
You'll look the same as me-room temperature just like me

Realize everyone is here for themselves
No one's ever really cared for anybody else

Stop believin' that you need a place called home
Realize that you'll die and you will die alone.
You'll keep the worms from eatin your bones
Without the comfort of the things that you own.
Stop believin' that everything is gonna be alright.
Stop believin' that you're safe when you're in you're bed at night
It's out of mind, but not out of sight.
You can catch it with a well-trained eye

You're Too Late

You're too late
Those tunnels in my mind 
have all been detoured
By the railroad tracks of time,
you gotta find another way

It's not the same
As it used to be
We're always rollin, spinnin
Tumblin round this rock.
It's why the sun don't look the same

In 100 years
we'll all be tucked inside 
and serve to balance out
The changing of the tide
In a typical design 

Put yourself in your own Sunday shoes
Six deep feet underneath a marble slab
Could it be that bad 

Well this train must cross a river
Black as night and made of Pain
But the hooded engineer tells me
That its the only way......when he says

Step aboard my train
I don't need to know your name
Destination's all the same he said to me
Then he said...You got your bags packed-Where you plan to stay

I was born
In disneyland where everything
Is not quite as it seems
But even worse-thats really how it is 

My short tour
Has taught me many things
With my eyes on the platform
and thre next train headed out

All the games
And the endless advertisements
On the artfificvial Islands 
Where the diamonds come down with the rain

This place is not for me
Train conductor pull right up to Platform C
You gotta set my spirit free

Thinkin' Bout Lyin

I've been thinking 'bout lyin - going downtown and tryin 
I've been thinkin' 'bout slippin' and slidin'- I been thinkin bout lyin
I've been thinkin' 'bout lyin - doin' some shady midnight flyin
I've been thinkin' bout the way you and I've been - I been thinkin' 'bout lyin

Don't ya judge me, unless you want it too
Give me one more and point my lyin ass at the door.

Speakeasy Solution

So you're thinkin' that you've been around
You seen the upside and down of this town
You say you're lookin for something new
Man, have I got the place for you.
You say you're tired of the same old scene
And if you've been there,man, I know you know what I mean
If you like good music and you don't like lines
I think you'll like what you find

Down at the Speakeasy-it's on first street. It's dark but it's warm
The people are showing, good booze it is flowin
The band's too drunk to keep goin
The speakeasy solution works for me

You see the red light and you go around the back
Down some stairs and maybe through some cracks
You grab a drink at the bar
And you realze where you are

Autumn Wind

The autumn wind it makes me think how easy it is to
Speak your mind before you really know
I've seen it time and time again make enemies out of 
friends who once were forged from solid gold
Think about the words you say, think about the other 
Way that someone's ear might hear the same
Don't be afraid to take it back, misjudgements 
Only become a mistake when you refuse to make it right

My mind it goes wanderin' through the leaves
Red and yellow some still green 
That have not yet left the tree.
And I see faces in the leaves
They turn their glance back at the tree
Their eyes ever accusing me

The worst mistake that you can make is to let Somebody make their
Way between you and something that you've always loved
Hold on tight to what is real. Hold on tight to what you
Feel will get you to where you wanna go.
But remember where you've been. Don't forsake your 
Friends and people who make you what you are.
Your past is all you have, it's a story good or
Bad it's what you make it 'fore you go.

I Saw Your Daughter

I saw your daughter a few weeks ago
She's growin up so fast, but that's right I guess you wouldn't know
She's startin school now. She starts in the fall
She said she wishes her daddy'd come see heror even just call

I saw her momma, too, in the grocery. She said she's doin just fine
But she looks like hell and your daughter says she's gone most of the time
It ain't right now that she should draw this lot
She's sufferin from your selfishness and it's none of her fault 
She's sufferin from your selfishness and it's none of her fault

But you made a choice that contained a responibilty
Although I know it was never in your plan to leave
But there's a little girl out there in desparate need of a father
So wake up, grow up my friend. You got a daughter now.
And she's all alone

You made a choice. You ran and hid
You proved to us once and for all that you're still just a kid
There is a difference between a boy and a man,
And it's determined by the choices that you make not by how tall you stand
It ain't right now, that she should draw this lot
She's suffering from your selfishness and it's none of her fault
She's suffering from your selfishness and it's none of her fault

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